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Delivery Guy 1

The Delivery Guy as seen in "The Golden Idol Awards". "Special delivery for 13! Heh, heh! HI MOM!!!"

The Delivery Boy is, as his name suggests, a delivery boy. He can be seen in movies delivering packages to the Zimmers' house, and in The Golden Idol Awards (picture to the right), delivering a letter to 13 to reveal who would recieve the first Golden Idol for their movie.

Portrayal by UsersEdit


In some of Imastamper's movies, the Delivery Boy is portrayed as a crazy, sort of happy-go-lucky fellow who almost always seems to invade the Zimmers' home and ruin Edgar's day by annoying him with constant requests to play all of his video games. See Delivery Guy Gone Mad for more information. The Delivery Boy has also been a character used for an OC in some series by Imastamper, such as Mr. Devo Callahan Sr. from CURSED. At other times, the Delivery Boy just appears to be an average, every day post man.

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