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The Dimension is a series aired on 02/01/2016 created by Skypee.
The Dimension
Season 1, Episode 1-30
Air date 02/01/2016
Written by Skypee
Directed by Skypee
Episode guide
Season 2

About Edit

The Dimension is all about Edgar, Eva and 13 going on an adventure, but things don't turn out at they imagined it to be...

Season 1 Cast Edit

Eva, Edgar, Mme Physco (Known as Joy) Delivery Man (Cameos) Bookie (Cameo) Megagamer1 (Cameo) Stormrox (Cameo)

Plot Edit


Episode 1

A flashback. Edgar, Eva and 13 were running for their lives from a mysterious species. Eva stated 'RUN EDGAR! ILL STAY HERE AND FIGHT THEM OFF' So they ran. Edgar fainted and it became earlier. Edgar woke up with a start and bought a teleporter from Evas winning money. The teleporter came and 13 asked where he bought it from.

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