The Wizard is well, a Wizard! He has two strange horns on his head, he wears what looks like a blue robe, he has a beard, and a staff. In "The Golden Idol Awards", the Wizard is featured playing the drums during the song "Rock with Us!" performed by the Twins and 13. Sometimes the Wizard is the Twins' Dad, but since now there is The Delivery Guy, The Wizard is now often seen as the Twins' grandfather.

The Wizard can be seen as a favourite character on a VIP profile, or in his very own Star Clip.

Personality: Funny, Serious, Magical

Favourite Color: Baby Blue

Favourite Food: Unknown

Favourite Sport: Unknown

Wizard 1

The Wizard giving 13 an Envelope and saying hi to his mom on TV. "BEHOLD! Oh, hi Mom."

Wizard 2

The Wizard playing the Drums in the song "Rock with Us!"


The Wizard playing the drums

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