Total Zimmer History
Type: Series
Creator: Surfer45
Genre: Game Show/Drama
Status: Abandoned
Episodes: 1.11
Premiere: November 6, 2013
Finale: Abandoned on January 21, 2014
Related: Total Zimmer Forest, Total Zimmer Desert

Total Zimmer History was the sequel to Total Zimmer Desert and the third installment in Surfer45's Total Zimmer series. It ran from November 6, 2013 to January 21, 2014 when it was abandoned. The series had only one episode and featured an all new host and cast.


The long-awaited sequel to Total Zimmer Desert has arrived, and with a whole new cast and host! 18 teenagers ranging from the ages of 14 to 16. Every day, these victims teenagers do challenges to make their team win and win elimination. However, when 10 contestants remain, the teams are disbanded and it's every man or woman for him or herself! It is based off of the Canadian television series Total Drama.


  • The host of the show is Yuri.
  • The first team, the Historic Hamsters, consists of:
Ike - The Sarcastic
Marie - The Manipulative
Roger - The Cool
George - The Dork
Eric - The Athletic
Amelia - The Sleepy
Caroline - The Chatterbox
Ezra - The Adventrous
Trevor - The Mr. Nice Guy
  • The second team, the New Age Aardvarks, consists of:
Moore - The Sarge-Wannabe
Laura - The Bookworm
Joe - The Glutton
Vance - The Stuck-Up
Vladimir - The Determined
Judy - The Sassy
Kimmy - The Awkward
Vito - The Shady
Ema - The Intelligent

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