Hi! I'm Unicorn127. Just a ZT user that joined in April 2016 and became popular on the site in May 2016 because of my first must see movie "Edgar's Tooth Prank." I renewed VIP on July 3rd 2017, and will be gone a few days after Christmas.


Basically everyone on ZT. I don't want to put anybody down.


I'm nice, guys. I don't riot. But there were ZT riots about me. The first one: getting a must see before someone else. (I'm not mentioning names) The second one: Geez, I forget! bullying situations (Don't worry, I was not the bully) I forget the rest.


I have about 1100 movies. So far, 1 must see, and about 50 crowd pleasers. I have about 26000 points and I am a 'Super Pro Producer'.


No, I'm not on spotlight.

Must SeesEdit

I have one must see "Edgar's Tooth Prank". Edgar's Tooth Prank I got it sometime in May. I think it was the tenth of May though.

Life Outside of ZTEdit

I love music and I draw a lot. I play ukulele and guitar. I'm also good with technology skills. I love acting and I've been in a few musicals. I am also good with filming and photography. I also love writing stories and being creative. There's more I like to do, but that's a few of them!

That's all! Please do not edit.

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