Unknown Spacecraft is a sci fi/action adventure/mystery series made by Gamingcash it is about an Unknown Spacecraft moving close to the human planets and only a cruiserin space 10 Trillion miles away from the human planets spot the spacecraft.

Season 1Edit


It is an overcrowded Earth so humans found other planets to live on called Reach Arcadia Mars and Luna then eventually all of those planets get overcrowded with humans. So they multiple ships each carrying 5% Of their people. 20% total people left each planet. That was 100% people leaving a planet in total. Thats right Enough people were leaving planets and if all those leaving people cimbined it would be a whole planet. So in the ship News Zimmer sent by Reach. Jonathon is working in his office then calls Victor to bring some mail to Mr. Leader. Then Jonathon is called by Anna saying something urgent. The moniters picked up an Unknown Spacecraft moving close to Earth. After awhile that unknown spacecraft sends in 2 samller ones to attack the News Zimmer ship. Vicotr wants to test out a wing fighter and when he does he gets into a fight with those 2 smaller spacecraft and wins. Next Jonathon wants to enter a human planet. But he knows he's not strong enough because he is used to low gravity. So he enters a room and sets the gravity their to 9G and starts running. After Jonathon is done Mr. Leader tries contacting the human planets to warn them but the News Zimmer ship is to far away from the human planets so he launches a ship that heads toard the human planets. Jonathon and Victor happen to be on that ship. Meanwhile at Planet Reach Captain Kat of the Earth offensive system is having a meeting with General Tuna of Reachs Defensive system


About CharactersEdit

Characters are people in a series so this explains some of them. Jonathon is the main Character eager to visit a human planet. Victor is the secondary main character Jonathons assisstant and does whatever Jonathon does. Anna only appears in the Early Episodes. She keeps lookout on The Eye which detects any motion or objects threatening their ship. Mr. Leader is the Leader of The Council of the ship he is also the Captain of the ship yet selfish making him interesting.

So far Revealed Characters in this series areEdit

  • Jonathon (Main Character)
  • Victor (Secondary Main Character)
  • Anna 
  • Mr. Leader (Leader of the ship)
  • Wing fighters Instructer
  • Worker for the Reach Defensive System
  • Captain Kat
  • General Tuna

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