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  • Blahbumian

    It has been a surprising few weeks in the ZT Community.

    A couple of unbelievably old users, such as Dragunov_1, Pepp, What Ever and Stormrox have come back to ZT. Some others, like Vik19, have hinted at returning. I've been thinking of returning too. Dragunov and Stormrox claim this will be their last month on ZT - afterwards, they're quitting for good, or so they say. But, how sure are that they will never return?

    Stormrox has been a semi active user on ZT over the years. He was on and in the early days of until 2010. He came back in 2014, and claims that this month will finally be his last. Dragunov returned after being inactive for 4 years just to finish his email series. Pepp returned after being inactive for an unbelievable…

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  • Blahbumian

    13 years of ZT

    March 14, 2018 by Blahbumian

    13 years ago today, on March 14, 2005, the Zimmer Twins project was first launched.

    I didn't have much time today to make a long and well thought out blog, but, I had to post something! 

    So, happy 13th anniversary!

    -Blah :)

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  • Blahbumian

    My old ZT e-mails

    February 19, 2018 by Blahbumian

    So, I've been in the Zimmer Twins Community for over 10 years, which means obviously, I have very old cringey e-mails of me raging to the Mods and being immature! It's shocking I've never said anything about them, because they are hilarious! So today I'm going to share some with you!

    So, let us begin.

    Note; My first username on ZT was 09787.

    Sent: Sunday, September 7, 2008 5:30pm


    Subject: [Feedback] Laywer dj`s not nice

    09787 sent a message using the contact form at

    Please suspend the account called"Lawyer dj"!He`s mean!

    This is what the Mods responded on September 12, 2008;

    Hi there,

    Please flag any inappropriate behaviour that you see on the site. We will deal with it as it happens. 

    If re…

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  • Blahbumian

    Since ZT was ever launched, it has been a semi-conventional thing to predict that the website will close down. According to some folks, ZT won’t be online tomorrow. Okay, maybe it will, but it definitely won’t last another year. Maybe a year, but not two years. DEFINITELY not 3 years! Not only do some of them hate ZT so much that they passionately hope that it will close down, but some will do anything in their power to make sure it closes down. Start a riot, threaten to hack the site, make inappropriate movies. Their biggest wish in life is that the website will run out of money and close down and everybody who was a loyal fan of the website will look like a fool. Not all of them are like that, of course - but way too many have an unhealt…

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  • Blahbumian

    I just rang in 2018 on Carl's Awesome Discord with many of my ZT friends. Ringing in the New Year is a tradition we've been doing for many years, but all the previous years, we did on Xat. This year was the first time we did it on the Discord server.

    The fact that The Zimmer Twins exists in 2018, both the website and the community, is a breath of fresh air. Even though ZT is a product of the internet, even the last 13 years on ZT have gone through immense technological evolution. When ZT started, the desktop was the main type of computer used - now it's the laptop. ZT also came out before the invention of the iPhone - but after the iPhone was invented, for a while, you could buy ZT games on the App Store!

    In the olden days, the main external…

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