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  • Blahbumian

    Canada Turns 150

    July 1, 2017 by Blahbumian

    My parents’ first day in Toronto was January 24, 1998. To them, Canada was a strange, foreign land. They had no friends or relatives here, and didn’t speak the language yet. They landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport on a cool, dreary winter day, as you would expect in Toronto in January.

    Originally, my parents were from the big, oppressive Soviet Union. However, when they had the opportunity to leave, they left, as many Jews did, to Israel, which was also quite a struggle.

    Then they chose to immigrate here – and a year later, in 1999, I was born here in Toronto. I was my family’s first Canadian. My sister, born a few years later, was the second one.

    Today is the day Canada turns 150 years old – quite a long time, but still young co…

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  • Blahbumian

    If you are Canadian or familiar with Canada, you probably know what's coming up - la Fête de la Reine, as they say it in French, or as English speaking Canadians call it; Victoria Day.

    Taking place the Monday on or before May 24, the holiday was originally created to honour the birthday of Queen Victoria, who was the Queen of the Commonwealth for most of the 19th century. But, most Canadians don't actually care about who our Queen was 200 years ago. For most of us, the May 24 long weekend means one thing - the informal start of the summer season.

    So, this Monday, May 22 is Victoria Day, or the unofficial start of summer. The problem is that this year, it doesn't feel like summer at all! This Monday will be a cool, rainy 20 Degrees Celsius (t…

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  • Blahbumian

    You might already know that I’m Jewish. Therefore, I’m currently celebrating Passover – you know, that holiday where Moses parted the Red Sea and for some reason that means we can’t eat bread.

    If you’re not very familiar with what Passover is (or Paysakh, the Hebrew term for the holiday), let me give you the 411. It’s 8 days long, and we’re not allowed to eat bread (or anything that from a long list of things called chametz, which includes yeast). It’s supposed to celebrate the time when the Jews were liberated from slavery in Egypt over 3,000 years ago. The Jews had to leave Egypt and then walk through the desert, and they didn’t have food. But water and flour started to fall from the sky, because, you know, that’s just what happens on a lon…

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  • Blahbumian

    Remember two years ago, when I made a movie about 12 mind-boggling facts about ZT? Well, guess what? After two years, I’m back with more facts that will boggle you even more! 

    1.    1.  When all the accounts on the English Canadian, French Canadian, U.S and Australian ZT websites are added up together, 1.2 million ZT user accounts were made.

    There are more ZT accounts than there are people who attended Donald Trump’s inauguration (estimates at around 250,000) and every Presidential inauguration in history except for Barack Obama’s in 2009 (with 1,800,000 attendees).

    2. The last time Jason posted a blog or a movie was over 5 years ago, in late 2011; Vine, Google Drive and the word ‘selfie’ did not exist yet. 

    3.  IPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy …

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  • Blahbumian

    Many of us thought this day would never come. Quite frankly, even I’m a little surprised. Yet, here it is. Today, The Zimmer Twins website turns 12. 12 years ago, today, and were launched.

    By the standards of the internet, 12 years is a really long time. Especially in this day and age, where everything is incessantly changing, such a time period can feel like an eternity. When the Mods launched ZT in 2005, there was no such thing as iPhones, social media, ‘selfies’ and YouTube. It really was a completely different world. Back then, kids had to use those old-fashioned cell phones and listen to music through CDs. Oh, the horror.

    The best part about this is that we (most likely) outlived Club Penguin. For…

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