I'm sure most of you on this wikia know I'm starting a band. The band is rap/rock/metal/hip-hop band. We will not be like One Direction, we will be more like Hollywood Undead merged with Beastie Boys and Linkin Park. Right now, we have agreed this is our track listing.

Songs with a [E] equals explicit content.

  1. All Alone [E]
  2. Song From The Underground [E]
  3. Enter the Club [E]
  4. Raise It Up [E]
  5. Nightfall [E]
  6. In The World [E]
  7. Shattered
  8. The Crew [E]
  9. To The Top [E]'
  10. Lost Life [E]
  11. Youth [E]
  12. One Night Stand [E]
  13. Welcome Home [E]

' = may contain little or no explicit content

My band and I can't wait to finish writing most of our lyrics in the songs, then record, then release it. This is only a promotional album, though. So when this does get released, it will be out for a short time.

Thanks for reading.


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