aka Keitorin S.

  • I live in California, but nowhere near a beach or anything it's just farm country and raisins. Raisins are stupid. T_T
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is artist and composer. I also enjoy singing synthesis, and sometimes animation. Don't get paid, though. Le sigh.
  • I am a human female
  • Keiisnotthattired

    So uh, yeah. I made my own character clip. :P When I find a better way of making custom character clips, I'll probably open requests for them, so stay tuned. That will likely be in January when I upgrade my fossilized version of Anime Studio.

    ANYWAY. Here's an update for all y'all about my ZT series and whatnot, when I'm gonna renew my VIP, etc. This is probably irrelevant information to most of you since everyone pretty much quit, but since people who use the .com show up on here from time to time and there are still some of you who do use it, I thought I'd post this here anyway.

    TL;DR/TL;DW, I'm gonna work on stuff before I renew my VIP and possibly try to figure out some new animation methods so that I can make custom ZT clips.

    In other ne…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Before I say anything, I know this is a pretty dark topic, and that nothing will likely happen- but I just wanted to ask anyway. (Also, this question is mainly aimed at the users in the community who are 13+ years of age for reasons that can be pretty much explained as you read on, but feel free to participate if you are younger anyway, I guess.)

    //deep breath//

    If one of us dies, how will the rest of us know? I mean, we've all seen the RamonaFan incident which, I know, obviously seems fake looking back. But... if one of us were to actually die... how would anyone find out? Essentially, the user would disappear from the face of the internet without reason. We wouldn't know they died unless someone came and told us.

    So then, if someone believes …

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    There's actually interesting stuff on this blog near the bottom if you don't care about useless, irrelevent life stuff. ^_-




    That's a Skillet reference in case you missed it.

    So anyway, sorry I didn't give any of y'all a heads up, but my paternal family members came to visit for a week so that's why I haven't been active. ...not... that I was active before that... :l

    So what have I been up to? Well,

    I'm probably like a month behind on school but at least regenerating the lessons is a thing so I can catch up (basically if you get behind the teacher can press this magic button to "regenerate" all my SOS-based classes [SOS is what I use for most of my school {other than that I have a college textbook fo…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Okay, so, a few years back I stumbled onto this thing while looking at the .ca sites on internet archive. I really don't know what it is. I know it has something to do with customizing your desktop, but not much else. The reason it isn't on the site anymore is probably because it isn't compatible with modern operating systems.

    It's called "17th Parallel Desktop". Here's the picture from the "extras" page:

    It was subtittled with this on the extras page:

    "17th Parallel Desktop Make your computer one of a kind with editable decorations and a lot more! » check it out!"

    Here's a link to the "extras" page archive I was looking at: [Link]

    Here's a link to the 17 Parallel Desktop page itself in the archive: [Link]

    The pages were archived on February 18th…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    I know this question has come up for a long time, and that for years now we've all been debating on when zincRoe design will finally pull the plug on the website that's brought us all together. The site went live in 2005, and here we are in 2017.

    We've all seen how the site has been going downhill- lack of blog posts, must-sees, new spotlight members... And when you e-mail the moderators or even flag a movie as being inappropriate, you don't seem to ever get a response anymore. The only thing that seems to be keeping the site alive is the active members in the .com community. They're practically running the site themselves without actually running it, if that makes any sense.

    Work-efforts to make the parent-company focus on the Zimmer Twins …

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