aka Keitorin S.

  • I live in California, but nowhere near a beach or anything it's just farm country and raisins. Raisins are stupid. T_T
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is artist and composer. I also enjoy singing synthesis, and sometimes animation. Don't get paid, though. Le sigh.
  • I am a human female
  • Keiisnotthattired

    Hello everyone. I'd like to share something of great importance with you in regards to our new findings on Tuesday.

    Some background on this (you can skip if you already know this): On the evening of January 2nd, 2018, I was speaking with Zimmer Twins users (both former and current) -GammaRay- (who now goes by UV), 0bsessed, and Blahbumian on MegaGamer1's Discord Server, "Carl's Awesome Discord". We made a discovery concerning a moviemaker similar to the Zimmer Twins Movie Maker. After a while (and at this time only 0bsessed and -GammaRay- remained with me as Blahbumian had gone to bed) we decided to download files for that Movie Maker. We couldn't get the Movie Maker to load on a web browser. (-GammaRay- logged off shortly after this time.)…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Hold onto your hats. I feel like this is an incredibly significant day in Zimmer Twins history. Let me explain:

    Earlier today, Blah, 0bsessed, UV (formerly -GammaRay-), and I were all chatting on Discord when the topic of ZT alternatives came up in conversation.

    I brought up that I remembered having heard that there was a movie maker that was very similar to ZT on an old Mattel site for Pixel Chix. So I looked into it, and someone uploaded the old site files, movie maker included. A few of us downloaded the file and took a look inside. It took a few hours to figure out what we were doing, but eventually I opened up the SWF and the movie maker was literally a pink ZT. I'm pretty sure even the code is mostly the same.

    This got me curious as to …

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Spice things up? See what I did there? //bricked//

    Anyway, today's the first day of fall- you know what that means. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, spooky scary skeletons everywhere, and Christmas trees being set up way too soon.

    It's been cooling down over here, luckily. Hooray for low 70s! Although, I would like to go swimming one last time, as a sort of "farewell" to this past summer...

    What's all y'alls opinion of pumpkin spice? I didn't really care for it when I had it for the first time- although it was 2014, so it's been a while... and it was a frappe not a latte so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but in the end I still don't think all the fuss is really worth it. What do y'all think?

    Halloween's a'comin, and I've quietly decided to be a Charlie Brown Ghost again …

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    So uh, yeah. I made my own character clip. :P When I find a better way of making custom character clips, I'll probably open requests for them, so stay tuned. That will likely be in January when I upgrade my fossilized version of Anime Studio.

    ANYWAY. Here's an update for all y'all about my ZT series and whatnot, when I'm gonna renew my VIP, etc. This is probably irrelevant information to most of you since everyone pretty much quit, but since people who use the .com show up on here from time to time and there are still some of you who do use it, I thought I'd post this here anyway.

    TL;DR/TL;DW, I'm gonna work on stuff before I renew my VIP and possibly try to figure out some new animation methods so that I can make custom ZT clips.

    In other ne…

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  • Keiisnotthattired

    Before I say anything, I know this is a pretty dark topic, and that nothing will likely happen- but I just wanted to ask anyway. (Also, this question is mainly aimed at the users in the community who are 13+ years of age for reasons that can be pretty much explained as you read on, but feel free to participate if you are younger anyway, I guess.)

    //deep breath//

    If one of us dies, how will the rest of us know? I mean, we've all seen the RamonaFan incident which, I know, obviously seems fake looking back. But... if one of us were to actually die... how would anyone find out? Essentially, the user would disappear from the face of the internet without reason. We wouldn't know they died unless someone came and told us.

    So then, if someone believes …

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