"I hate to break it to you, ima, but you wrote this all in the Blog Posts Category Page. This is nit a real blog and we can't comment." - Rad

"Oh. Well that's extremely humiliating..." -Ima

I'm still here! I haven't forgotten you guys. I've just been away for a while. Sorry for that. Anyway... I've never made a blog, so... First blog! Yay! I'm making this blog because there are things I want to ask.

About the Zimmer Twins site:

  • Did I miss anything? Big updates, events, contests, wikia updates, quitters, etc?

About things I have or don't have planned:

  • What do YOU guys want to see in AIZT: REAWAKENING? More bad guys? More Heros? Less Heros? Music? Different worlds? Leave your answer in the comments. (You don't have to answer if you're not interested. You won't hurt my feelings.)
  • I've been thinking about turning one of my series into a comic. Canidates are CURSED- and, actually, none of my series are that interesting. Do you want to see a CURSED comic book? Please note if I don't know what your hair or skin tone is, if you are in it, your character's look will be a complete guess.
  • CURSED season 2?! Yes?! No?! We still don't know much about Bob and Fred. Or whatever their names are... we still don't know that much about the nomenile, either... no that wasn't a bribe, what are you talking about?
  • I might make a Zimmer Twins themed album with a remix of "Rock with us" from the Golden Idol Awards as the last track. It'd be fun if it was a collab. May or may not include rapping in some songs. Perhaps voices will be acted as if the singers were Edgar, Eva, 13 themselves... Okay, I have no idea, I haven't written anything yet. What are your thoughts on this idea?

About my VIP membership, I'm still hoping to renew before Summer ends. It's only Spring now, but maybe I'll renew before June ends. If you are crazy like me you're going to want an exact date... I'm sorry, but I don't really have an exact date... But I'll be back! I promise! See you guys soon!

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