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    Merry Christm-

    Oof, darn it. I guess I'm late. :(

    Well, here's a late Christmas gift for you guys. I'd say that I've been working on the story for a while but it just popped into my head like a day or two ago. Its been a while since I've written something on here, and while I'm not necessarily here to stay, I'm going to try to finish this story for you guys.

    Hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to ask me about whatever in the comments.

    Oh, and sorry if the narration seems emo or over-dramatic at times. It's supposed to be like that, 'cause it's kind of a noir-type thing.

    Description: 13's tuna goes missing. He's pretty shook up about it.

    The pitter patter of the rain had been going on for so long and so alike that our windows were starting to look…

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  • MacTheEpic

    Me and The Twins

    September 17, 2017 by MacTheEpic

    Lord Boredom makes his yearly return.

    How hast thou been, thy fellow cohorts and colleagues?

    I've been thinking of ZT a lot lately, with a lot of feelings. Namely, disappointment. Not that I'm disappointed that the site's not as popular and will likely never will be ever again nor the fact that the mods don't really care for it anymore (although we'll get to that later), but I'm more disappointed in myself.

    I don't mean that in a sense of "Oh man, I wish I was more popular", because I don't, but I mean it more in a sense of, "That could've gone better."

    Let me explain.

    I never really finished any of my series', I always stopped somewhere in the middle or sometimes before they even got off the ground. People would always be sort of dismayed or d…

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  • MacTheEpic

    It's that time again

    April 29, 2017 by MacTheEpic

    I'm back. Yeah, I know.

    Don't even ask about Epic tbh, that's probably gone. But don't worry, and never fear, for I have been working on a brand new series/story (that's honestly way better than the hot mess that Epic was).

    I mean, it's not exactly aimed at ZT, but I might need some beta readers at some point in the future.

    If you guys would like some more info, just post a comment about it.

    P.S. Very sorry I abandon you guys a lot. School is just really soul crushing, so I just bury my head in my writing/story, which I've restarted from the beginning a total of like 30 times. But I think I'm finally getting somewhere, so...


    -Mac, who will try his very best to be more active, but will ultimately fail because resistance is futile against …

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  • MacTheEpic

    Update 2: Update Harder

    August 23, 2016 by MacTheEpic

    yo yo yo

    its me

    Tim Tebow

    Sike nigga you thought

    Ahem, anyway

    Some of you guys may be waiting for the next 'Epic' episode (or not, maybe my series sucks massive di- *cough* banana)

    In any case, those who do care may be waiting a bit longer (yeah yeah I know but the episodes are on their way still, I promise)

    I'm sort of starting High School tomorrow, which means I'm gonna be swamped with work for a good bit. And if not work, I'll be dealing with crippling depression/anxiety


    Never fear tho, I'll be back with new Epic episodes soon, just maybe not for a while

    But still soon

    I don't really feel anything right now, I'm just in deep denial about school starting tomorrow so I guess I'll see you guys later


    p.s. u smell xddddd

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  • MacTheEpic

    Hell yeah boys we hit the milestone

    Episode 120 boiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Anyways, in other news, I checked out ZT recently because apparently everyone has been these days.

    Did you know it's been almost a year (10-11 months) since the mods chose another spotlight member?

    alright but seriously I'll just go ahead and get on with the show

    We only have like 50 episodes a season so we're almost halfway through and the plot of this season hasn't even progressed halfway lol

    also be warned this episode is really long lmao

    POV: Cat

    "-And that's why I'm afraid of peaches." I finished, and looked over to Bookie, to whom I had just recounted a traumatic experience in my life to.

    She was still deeply invested in her book, she was, in fact, almost done with it. She had j…

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