As you all know, my VIP expires this May. June if one of my entries wins the spring contest.

I think it might be my goodbye.

Sure, you all know that I've said that before. And I came back. It's a bit different.

That time - Writer's block, no one watched my movies, nothing interesting happening, felt too old, getting bored.

This time - Writer's block, no one watches my series, feel too old, getting bored.

The huge difference is that time, I came back because I had nothing better to do. This time, I'm starting to watch more on netflix and (Three seasons of How I Met Your Mother in one day, anyone??), and also, I'm starting to get more interested in playing wii, plus I'm trying to start a youtube channel. Also, some of you know that I just moved. I used to live in an apartment complex where I could dig used books to sell on amazon out of giveaway piles at laundromats. Now, I can't do that, because I moved into a normal house with a washer and dryer and no giveaway piles. So, money is an issue too (I considered giving beginning guitar and drum lessons, but my dad doesn't think I'm good enough. Which, although I'm starting to play in my church's worship band, is probably true for drums.)

I'll stay here, hang out on ZT, but unless a miracle happens, I'll probably feel too old.

I've always loved the ZT site, and I've made some of my best friends there (STUPID HOMESCHOOLING). So, if I don't renew....goodbye.

(Quick note to rad: As soon as I get a twitter account, I will contact you - I found your twitter)

"I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roomate" - Dark Helmet, Spaceballs

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