I'm gonna list the few songs that I've selected so far:

I have definitely decided to do at least one original.

When they win the victory, my original song, or maybe Flyleaf's Freedom (probably not)

When Eva discovers that Josh (Yeah, you'll have to wait until the next update to find out who Josh is) is working for the antagonists, either an original song or Flyleaf's Fire Fire. Or, maybe Hello Goodnight (full song this time) by the Aquabats

During a bit of a mistake at a wrestling match, The Aquabats' Fight Song

Credits: Flyleaf's Freedom/Bridgit Mendler's Determinate. Probably Determinate, but I may decide otherwise.

During a bit of a rejuvenation for Eva, Afterlife by Switchfoot.

These are out of order :P

Also, I will be releasing a Zimmer Twins the Movie Soundtrack.

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