Should Josh be played by Edgar or the Delivery Boy? (I'm leaning towards Edgar but I wanna know what you guys think)

So, if you wanna know who Josh is, I'm gonna say one word: Crush

And if that's not enough: Eva Crush.

Josh is working for Edgar and Eva's mom (who are the antoganists in this movie). But when he meets Eva, he becomes a bit more rebellious, and eventually, after Eva finds out, he quits his job, but the parents trap him once they find out.

BTW, another poll, should my credits song be:

Flyleaf's Saving Grace

Bridgit Mendler's Determinate feat. Adam Hicks

Flyleaf's Freedom


If I get a lot of votes, the song with the second most votes might be the second credits song.

BTW, here is the order of the songs in the first update:

Fight Song

Original/Fire Fire/Hello Goodnight



Determinate/Freedom/Saving Grace

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