OK, so you all know that there's this girl from my church I have a crush on.

And well....things aren't going as I'd hoped. Yeah, my best friend also has a crush on another girl. Let me explain something.

As some of you know, this isn't with my actual church, it's with a youth group called AWANA. So, I used to go to an AWANA at a different church than who is probably my best Wednesday friend now, with the girl that he likes, and he's been going to the AWANA I'm going to now with the girl I like (this is getting complicated. Please don't close the page)

What happened is, my AWANA shut down and disbursed into three or more other ones. I happened to end up in this one (luck? maybe). So yeah, I made a deal with my friend. We'd both try to help each other because we each knew the other's crush better (if you could even understand up to here)

Thank you for not closing the page yet.

Here's the tricky part. My friend said yesterday, "Be a man, just tell her you like her" How do I do that?

(Going to the internet instead of my parents for this kind of advice? Wow, me)

Do you guys have any suggestions on how to tell her)

(You can forget about this now if you think this is stupid)

(Why am I still talking?)

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