Hello, everyone. I have both good and bad news.

One of the core questions I've been asking myself over my long association with the website is whether or not I should just get up and leave. I was actually leaning toward a yes when they introduced paid memberships, and getting hacked multiple times gave me a huge shove to ditch the community and move on with my life.

My most recent incentive to leaving forever is that nobody seems to like me trying to keep the website alive. I thought my updates would make you all joyful to be a part of the Zimmer Twins and encourage you all to use the website more, but you all seem to be glaring at me and bad-mouthing me for ruining everything, especially the Wiki. My feelings aren't necessarily hurt; it's just the fact that you all seem to be getting angrier, not happier. I feel like I've transformed from a godlike veteran into a monster.

There have only been a few things bringing me back to the website: one is simply how everything is going, and another is knowing I still have people who are willing to watch my movies. If I were to come back, it's because of these reasons and the fact that I can't just leave Victory 2 alone, a series which I have absolutely no intentions of giving to another user to finish for me.

So I may be leaving, and I may not be leaving. It all depends on how life goes for me at this point. I'll still be a part of this populace, though, as proven by what I've been doing recently. I am in the process of creating a large project related to the Zimmer Twins. I won't disclose what it is or what it's about, but I will say that I hope it gets finished soon; I also hope that both the moderation team and the community likes it. Despite all the negative things that have happened to me during my loyalty to the website, I'll always be proud of how long I've been a part of this experience. It's been a great part of my life; it really has. My last update to this Wiki will be within the month. If I never return, then I give my greatest goodbye.

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