Over the past couple of months, I finished two movies, majorly improved. But, I keep looking at Zimmer Twins. More specifically, those action adventure series. I was just admiring the exhilarating endless series of action adventure, when suddenly, this question popped up in my curios mind. Can these hit series become unlimited? Remade so whenever something impossible to make in ZT, can be made into a picture? So, I decided to ask all of you, if I should do this. Of course, storyline credit in the credits will not go to me. The filming won't be live-action, it'll be a machinima, so, if you think I should do this, then state which zimmer twins series you think would be the best to remake into an actual film. Also, state if you want it to be a full movie, or just seperate episodes. If you reject this random idea of mine, you may comment why you object this idea. No stupid, or pointless comments please.

(The series doesn't have to be yours, just state the creaters name, and put link for the first episode)

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