I already had posted this on the actual ZT site but, this is for whoever didnt see it

I am making a Roblox Machinima and I am halfway done with the script so once i am done with the script I will be even more inactive with the acting and then alot more inactive for the editing but not so much for the uploading because that only takes like a minute. I will not post what the machinima is about because if it were rated it would probably get a PG13 due to its amount of intense violence. I will only show what it is about in the comments if someone asks me too. So that is why I might be very inactive lately, also have you ever thought to use static electricity as a weapon? Because that is what the main character is going to do later in the script after he retires from the military (He is in the military in the script) So if you have roblox and want to help with it when its the time I need actors then friend me on roblox (SniffableCash71) Just in case you know this isnt the first time I have written a script for something that got posted, I do it on some of my ZT series. Like LOZ for example and Character Survival. I write the script make signups then decide who says what. But in an actual machinima that will go on YT will obviously be higher quality and much harder to do then what I had done before. So that is why I will be very inactive.

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