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  • TheRadBoy

    As has been mentioned by Mega and Ima in the thread I made last month, we got a meet-up tonight. 6:00PM Eastern/3:00PM Pacific as usual. Unfortunately, Blah might not make it. I talked to him on xat yesterday and he has to study for his mid-terms. Ima probably won't be there early on cuz her family's visiting. I might be a little late too cuz I'm hanging out with my friends this afternoon. So it might be empty and boring at first but eventually it'll get fun.

    What else is new?

    I'm 1/4 done with my junior year. It's pretty stressful because they're shoving all these standardized tests and college and ish in our faces... and I'm too lazy to wanna be thinkin about my future yet. Just lemme enjoy high school.

    I'm doing great in math class. Mostly…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Ayyy people it's back to school time. I mean, not really anymore for me. I just finished my 3rd week of school. Not bad so far. Mostly in reg classes this year (not honors) but still not so easy and a lotta hw.

    Anyway, time to present the fall meet-up schedule. I tried to avoid any kind of conflict while also spicing it up a little. I know I can't do September 16th for example (homecoming and block party - prolly going to hoco, if not I'll be at the block party anyway), or September 23rd (aunt's birthday). And I didn't do anything too close to Thanksgiving for November or Christmas for December.

    Saturday, September 9, 2017

    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    Saturday, November 4, 2017

    Saturday, December 16, 2017

    Sunday, December 31, 2017

    There you have it…

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  • TheRadBoy

    I've been back from Poland for two days now.

    So here's a blog post detailing my many adventures (minus the first few days, which were already covered in my previous blog post).

    On Monday, July 10th, I met up with Rafal. Yes, THE Rafal from xat. As you may or may not know, I went to school with him in the 5th and 6th grade. We went to Frasses, a local restaurant and caught up on life and ish.

    On Wednesday, July 12th, I traveled with Rafal to Krakow. This is a thing we do every summer. Usually, our friend Ania (a distant cousin of mine, a neighbor of my grandma's, who also went to the 5th and 6th grade with us, and is currently Rafal's girlfriend) comes with us. But she couldn't make it, so we went alone. We debated which train to take a couple…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Just wanted to go thru some of the things been happenin the past couple'a days.

    On Tuesday night, I arrived here. I then slept from 11PM to 11AM straight. Wednesday, we went into town to visit my other grandma. Every day, we've been going on walks with our grandma's dog like 5 times a day. Never gets boring, no matter how many times we take the same road.

    Thursday, guess who visited Poland? The same guy I wanted to get away from: Donald Trump. Trump's popularity in Poland, like most countries, is low - 23%. Obama's was 58% for comparison. But the Polish government wanted to kiss Trump's ass, and suck up to his ego, so they promised him an adoring crowd. They bused in a bunch of rednecks from the countryside to cheer Trump on, that way the pr…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Going to Poland

    June 26, 2017 by TheRadBoy

    As I mentioned in a blog earlier this month, I'mma be goin' to Poland soon! I leave July 3rd, a week from today. I'll be back August 9th.

    So just wanted to let everybody know that I won't be as active over there as I am now. I'll still have easy access to the Wikia on my phone, but I won't really visit xat much. Of course, you can't really use xat on your phone. Well, you can on, Puffin, but the mobile version is trash. I think they have an app now too, still trash. 

    I'll mostly be living at my mom's parents' house. They have a laptop, but I won't be using it much, cuz it's in my grandma's bedroom. Obviously, it's a laptop, I can move it. But I don't exactly want to barge into her room to take the laptop all the time. But I'll probably be ab…

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