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  • TheRadBoy

    New admin

    January 14, 2018 by TheRadBoy

    I've kinda lost interest in using and moderating this Wikia. I still pop in every couple days, but I've grown tired of having to delete unneccesary pages and all the other admin responsibilities.

    So I'm hoping to find a new admin. If you wanna volunteer for the job, please comment below.

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  • TheRadBoy

    New Years Greetings

    January 4, 2018 by TheRadBoy

    Well, I've been back home for a couple days now, but I realized I never got down to making my annual New Year's blog.

    Happy 2018 to all-a-y'all. Sucks I missed the meet-up, but people have been having fun on Discord since. All the investigate reporting of late is also interesting lol.

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  • TheRadBoy

    On Winter Break

    December 21, 2017 by TheRadBoy

    Had my last final exams today and am on winter break.

    A few days left to relax, then Christmas Eve/Christmas celebrations, and then I will spend the final days of 2017 in Colorado.

    Hope you all enjoy the holiday season, and since I won't make the New Year's Eve meet-up, see y'all in 2018!

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  • TheRadBoy

    So, I was expecting New Year's Eve 2017 to be just like any other New Year's Eve. The afternoon/early evening, I'd be online - on the deadpooling forums I use, on social media, and most importantly - the New Year's Eve Meet-Up on xat/Discord/Skype. This year, since it falls on a Sunday, I was also expecting to be spending some of my day watching the last day of regular season NFL.

    But, all of a sudden, my aunt comes up with this kooky idea to go skiing in Colorado as a big family thing. I feel like I'm on one of them sitcoms where the big white family goes on a road trip to a ski place together. We'll be leaving on Christmas Day, and we'll be back in Illinois on New Year's Day. Since it takes a day to drive there, I'll be spending New Year'…

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  • TheRadBoy

    Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

    November 23, 2017 by TheRadBoy

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    This is one of my favorite days of the year - food, football, no school.

    But of course some ppl wanna ruin it by going straight to Christmas. My neighbors are the worst - they left their Halloween decorations on, AND they added Christmas stuff last week. So they have decorations for 2 separate holidays at the same time, and neither of em is Thanksgiving. -_-

    Anyway, stay tuned for a blog from me in a week or two. It'll talk about my availability to make the two December meet-ups (December 16th and December 31st).

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