Okay, hello, everybody! I have a few announcements:

So, first of all - imastamper.

I talked to eebbee and Tobycat. They both want to be in AIZT: The Reawakening.

Second of all - as some of you may have heard, Blahbumian and I created a new website for ZT on webs.

As most of you might know, in the Summer of 2013, after that drama on Photo-bo's Page with the roleplaying and all, Blah and I tried creating a few similar websites, but none of them lasted long.

We're trying again. So please join :) Only staff can blog - however we have a discussion forum for everbody.

Third of all - I made a poll movie on Zimmer Twins. It's about House of Zam. Should I cancel it now, after the 2nd Season or make one more? The reason for this is the downwards spiral of its popularity. Watch the movie for more information.

Kbye :)

Have a Zimmertastic day! :)

TheRadBoy (talk) 15:19, February 24, 2014 (UTC)

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