Hello, Zimmerfans!

You may remember the Photo-bo's Page Roleplaying Riots of 2013 in the spring and summer of 2013. Since Photo-bo's old website was practically a warzone, I tried making 3 websites with the same program - webs, and Blahbumian made 1 more. None of them lasted long.

Well, now, we are hoping to start a new website for Zimmer Twins on webs too. It is not created yet, but Blah will be the creator and I will be the co-manager - my full title is Manager Rad256, Head of the Zimmer Twins Community in Europe. I just made that up now to be honest, but it pretty much sums up who I am on the website :)

Anyways, we are hoping to open the website soon and we would love for all of you to join. Although, we must warn you, AT LEAST for now only the staff will be able to make blogs, but if we have no trouble we might allow regular members to make blogs. Oh, and don't ask to be staff in the comments. The only people besides us who might become staff are probably just our VERY close friends.

Besides the blog post, we might include a chat room, a discussion forum so non-staff can actually talk besides commenting on blogs.

Thank you and we hope that you join! As soon as it is made, I will post the links in the comments.

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