• I live in California USA
  • My occupation is I get paid to study.
  • I am Male
  • XxS3NTRYxX

    New video!

    January 30, 2016 by XxS3NTRYxX

    Hi guys! I have posted a new video in my YT channel! I'm really glad you guys watched my intro for the channel; 2 weeks later I've started my video production. So my official "first" video features Happy Wheels gameplay so viewer discretion is advised. And if you don't know what Happy Wheels is, once again viewer discretion is advised.

    Here's the vid:

    Subscribe and enjoy!

    Sentry (A.K.A. EptaGaming).

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  • XxS3NTRYxX

    New Year Fresh Start!

    January 12, 2016 by XxS3NTRYxX

    Ok, the tittle is kinda late and so will be this: Happy 2016 everyone!

    How was your break? I was really busy spending time with the fam and stuff. I got a new YT channel, and I got a new electroacoustic guitar for Christmas. What did you guys get for Christmas?

    Also, I went to Ventura for New Years Eve; what did you guys do for New Years Eve and what are your resolutions?

    My New Years resolutions are: (1 drink more water (seriously I barely drink any and I live in the valley where the drought is most prominent), (2 work on my triceps (I'm not doing bad or anything, I just need some parts to look evenly sculpted), (3 practice guitar more often, (4 read the bible more often.

    Oh, and here's my YouTube channel BTW: 

    - Ice…

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  • XxS3NTRYxX

    Well I know I said you guys are my friends but I barely know anything about you guys. I don't even have conversations with you guys. Idk, what I trying to say is I just want to be friends with you guys! Being homeschooled gives me ZERO chances to talk to others and all of my church friends live in different cities. In my church, I don't really fit in with kids my age. I'm way more different than they are in terms of what we like and what we don't like. I can't even converse with any of them. The only time I get to see my church friends is in conferences.

    At the same time don't feel obliged or guilty or anything if you choose not to, it's all right. It's just living a life of solitude that kinda makes you want to stop living a life of solitu…

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  • XxS3NTRYxX

    Hey guys!

    December 2, 2015 by XxS3NTRYxX

    Sentry/Iceskater here! I've decided to come back to the wiki again to check on my old ZT friends (Yes, I think of you guys as friends despite not coming here often). I can see that this generation of ZT users is coming to an end (by that I mean that everyone from 2008 - now is growing up). Also I never noticed that there are alot of christian users in ZT which is awesome cause I'm a christian too!

    High school has been killing me and my time, which is why I don't go on very often. Also I have archery class and chores to worry about (yes 16 year olds can have chores if they want). Junior year is the toughest year because of SATs and ACTs (curse you Department of Education!), so I have to study EXCESSIVELY so I can pass these tests.

    Also, churc…

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  • XxS3NTRYxX

    It's been a while

    July 4, 2015 by XxS3NTRYxX

    Hi guys! What's up!

    I know it's been a year since I last logged in; but y'know what? Sophomore year was really tough! No joke!

    I spent days doing all nighters just to get assignments done and turned in, sometimes I had to fix those assignments the same day i turned them in. Once you're in high school, you can't slack off like you used to. I learned that the hard way, but luckily came out with good grades in the end.

    Also, I got out of school 2 weeks ago and have summer break until September.

    Other updates:

    I got a steam account.

    I got a virb action camera for Christmas (a have hobby for filming).

    My vine account got 124 followers!

    We're getting a pool.

    I'm typing a book.


    What's new on the wiki and ZT?

    - Iceskater

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