Hi guys!

It's been such a long time since I logged back in here, I've been shadowing ZT and It's getting worse than ever. I'm back from a HARD time of 3 months working my back off to get my GPA score to good condition because it didn't go so well last semester. I was also studying for the stae standarized tests when I found out we're not taking it anymore. Yep, the majority of schools in California aren't taking the tests anymore becasue of AcademyBill 464. Basically, in 2012, the goverment of California signed something that suspended the CSTs (the standarized tests I'm talking about) for the 2013-2014 periond, suspending CST testing for the majority of the schools in the state. That's a HUGE break for me! Thank God (I mean it).

I've also wanted to see what's new here and talk with you guys about just anything. IDK you guys are like friends to me although I don't come here that often, I know that we all have something in common: we are ZT members; and I did make friends in the site but it seemed like I never had an actual conversation in the comments or chat with anyone in the site, but you guys still were part of my childhood before I turned 13 I was always going to ZT and I always felt good to see a comment from you guys with supportive feedback or positive reviews!

So I don't mean to sound all sentimental and whatnot considering the fact that the paragraph above was saying sounded like a really sad part in some movie script but you know, I don't have many friends.

As a matter of fact, being homeschooled means the only people you see are either your family or the people from church. All my other friends are in Atlanta GA, and I'm the oldest in archery. So even though you gguys might be younger than me or older than me, we are close to each other's age and besides you guys are like friends to me.

Anyway, can't wait to hear from you.

- Sentry. 

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