A clip from Episode 3.7 of Video Game Universe

Video Game Universe (Short for VGU.) is a series Jaaszi has made.


VGU is a series about the Zimmer Twins going to video games. Jaaszi made three people to sign up. The three people were Aidan, (catboy) Slam, (Thomaslam) Scaredy, (Thomaslam) and Bookie. (BookgirlZT) also, his own character, himself, was also in the series. There were 3 seasons in total.

Video Game Universe 2Edit

The sequel to VGU is VGU 2. There are 2 more characters. Jorge, (jaaszi) and Jirse. (Also jaaszi.) Some video game characters made an appearance too. Bowser, (Nintendo) Mario, (Nintendo) and Sonic.EXE. (Possibly a hacker made that game.) This series is still in progress.

Video Game Universe RebootEdit

In celebration of 8 Must-Sees, Jaaszi has confirmed a reboot to the whole Video Game Universe series. There is currently a sign up. Only 4 sign ups will be picked to appear in the reboot. Old characters from the before reboot MAY appear as small cameos.

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