Wild West is an ongoing series created by Freaker/Psychic8.

Plot (Episode. 1) Edit

Edgar wakes up in his bedroom, as usual. But with an idol next to him. He notices the idol after saying he needs breakfast for another day, after he notices the idol, he starts freakishly talking like a cowboy, Eva appears for a second and shouts at him in the same cowboy-like voice, she wants him to go down for breakfast. He then, forgets that he's not a cowboy, and that he's Psychic, either. So, he decides to teleport downstairs. He gets downstairs and is in the kitchen. He rambles about how pumped he is for some cereal, and then 13 tells Edgar about how tired he is of him doing some stupid cowboy language. Edgar says that he's sorry, but on purpose; talks with the same exact voice again. 13 says he's not joking and is really tired about Edgar doing this. 13 then goes on about how he can't hear a thing that Edgar is saying. Edgar apologizes for real and says he really loves the Wild West. 13 says it's okay to like something, and he won't judge, but not to get too into things. 13 then questions what the cat-like thing in Edgar's hand is. Edgar then is surprised and shouts; I forgot all about that!

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