"yawsun" is one of the oldest accounts created on, and was created soon after/during the launch of the website. The account has no movies and hasn't posted a single comment.

"yawsun" likely belongs to Jason Krogh, the founder of zinc Roe, and one of the leading influences behind The Zimmer Twins. The evidence for this being because of an account created on Pinterest called "yawsun", whose screen name is "Jason Krogh". Going through yawsun's interests, you will find a lot of kids activities, animations, and even a reference to Zimmer Twins itself. The profile picture even has a picture of Jason himself, together with his child.

Jason/yawsun also follows/and is being followed by, (on Pinterest) a few other people who worked on Zimmer Twins, such as Trevor Van Meter, Jennifer Coombs, Rhya Tamasauskas (all listed in the Zimmer Twins credits).

There is also a YouTube channel belonging to Jason, and the channel's ID is also "yawsun".

It's unknown as to why Jason would create this second account on in the first place, since he already had his main account.

The profile ID for yawsun's account on is

Zimmer Twins Staff
Active nessaJCee
Inactive JasonzradminLuxlukelutmanluluAldisqubiquboBossquboWhiztottorodan1200Irishays/irishays12ArteestJarJarBinkqubiangirlsophtasticrubiesyawsunzagkatzchothe shadowZIMMERJoshfunmonsterqubianangstuffwelikLincoln123
Note: A lot of the names listed in the "inactive" section were gathered from early profile ID's and evidence based on comments from confirmed staff members. While there are bits and pieces of evidence to support some of the users being staff members, there are some users with zero evidence (but still possibly staff), and those are shown in italics

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