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Iceskater relieved from the chase in the airport.

Young Actors




Iceskater, Rhedd, iashley, Qubo Kart, Walt11567, Robotguy, rad256, Kaymaster8


No. Comeback is possible.



Young Actors or YA was the popular and most known series made by Iceskater. The series had 11 episodes ( 8 in season 1 and 3 in season 2 ) and had popular zt members as the cast with Iceskater himself. The series was about 8 ZT members that were called to work in the acting career. It is unknown if the series will come back, but if it does, it will still be made by Iceskater with a new story and with some of the old cast as characters.



Iceskater gets a call from an unamed director, offering Iceskater a spot in the acting career, Iceskater auditions and meets other popular ZT members that made it to the crew like Rhedd, iashley, Walt11567, etc. The members get interviewed by the director with hialrious events happening in the interview room. After that, the crew gets 3 homes: a suite, a condo, and a vacation home. The crew live in the penthouse suite everyone calling out who gets which room. The rest of the series includes the crew geting chased by fans, missing out on rehersals, talk shows and realistic outcomes. The series was cancelled in March 2012 due to lack of popularity.


The series might make a comebck if Iceskater returns to ZT. This is very uncomfirmed but Iceskater says to leave it as a TBA series.

"I might bring it back when I come back to ZT. The seires was popular and fun to make. I'm not entirely sure if YA will make a comeback but it's a possiblity. Many users want YA back so keep your fingers crossed."

- Iceskater

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