ZavundeB is a user that joined in February, 2016. His first movie was about 13 losing his favourite toy - a golden idol, titled "The Golden Idol: Pt 1". He has 1890 points and is a dynamite director (As of 18th March 2016). So far, he has 3 must-sees (The Explode-O-Coke 3000, Easterween and The Big Food Mistake), 33 crowd pleasers (Phobiaphobia, The Golden Idol Awards, etc.) and 12 now showings.

Sometime during the Summer of 2016, ZavundeB made an unexpected goodbye movie, and hasn't been seen since. It is implied, in his movie, that he did this because he felt that no one cared about him.

However, in July 2017, he returned to the site and many users were happy. He has continued making his series, Dimension-Hopping, which is in its 3rd Season. He is hosting 'Zimmercon 2017', in which the prize is being in the 4th Season of Dimension-Hopping.

Friends Edit






BluePenInk (Skypee)


  • He almost went on the all-time records for most must-sees in a row, but then What ever returned and made a must-see.
  • He is very impatient at making series; one of them only has 1 episode!
  • "The Golden Idol: Pt. 1) was actually made when he was Non-VIP. His first VIP movie was called "13 in Space".

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