Zimmer Agency was Gamingcashs most famous series


20 years after Edgar Eva and 13 are 12. Eva known as Commander Eva in the series reunites with Edgar to get him be a part of Zimmer Agency which was the defense system for the world.

About Season 1Edit

Edgar and Eva reunite. Edgar gets trained and gets the codename of Agent Zimmer however Eva was a higher rank then Edgar in the Zimmer Agency how unexpected. The Wizard who works for the zimbirian king was destroyed in the past Eva told Edgar but he came back. It was Agent Zimmers job to stop him once and for all.

About Season 2Edit

With the wizard destroyed the zimbirian king needed a replacement for the wizard after awhile of searching he found Wizardy and gave him 2 assisstants Evil Delivery and Misfortune. Edgar is famous for saving the world but isnt known as Agent Zimmer anymore he is now known as Commander Zimmer. He is notified that New Zimmer the place that replaced Zimmer City after the Wizard evily destroyed it was attacked by Wizardy robbing banks to get money and buy the most expensive thing in the world but what is it? Commander Zimmer has to destroy Wizardy to save the world again.

List of Agents from Season 1 with their statusEdit

Agent Zimmer (Now Commander Zimmer)

Commander Eva (Normal)

Agent Caty (Wounded & Retired)

Agent Hand (Zombified)

Agent Fortune (Traitor)

List of Agents from Season 2 with their statusEdit

Commander Zimmer (Wounded Critically)

Agent Page (Goldenized)

Agent Kitty (Goldenized)

Commander Eva (Promoted to Admiral)

Agent Teller (Normal)

More on this will come as the series continues

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