The Zimmer store is a virtual "store" created by BookgirlZT. It came January 1st, 2016. Visit it here

The Zimmer Store
Zimmer Store
"Welcome to the Zimmer Store!" -Bookie




Zimmer Cash (ZC)


Zimmer Bank






Here are the items available for purchase.

10 ZCEdit

"Fortunes"- The fortunes clip with a random fortune.

1 5/5 Rating

1 Comment

50 ZCEdit

1 CP

1 Cameo in any of Bookie's series

100 ZCEdit

Tickets to the 2016 Zimmies

Varied ZCEdit

Membership (Half off all items in stock, and name in drawing for free items.)

1 Week: 10 ZC

1 Month: 40 ZC

3 Months: 120 ZC

6 Months: 240 ZC

1 Year: 520 ZC

Forever: 10 ZC deducted from your account monthly.

Ever Kids ItemsEdit

Bucket of Mana (200 Mana) = 100 ZC

Mountain of Mana (1000 Mana) = 350 ZC

Castle of Mana (5000 Mana) = 1000 ZC


If you have a deviantArt you can pay:

200 Mana= 1 point

1000 Mana= 5 points

5000 Mana= 10 points

NOTE: Mana is not yet available for purchase.

Exclusive Wikia ItemsEdit

500 ZC gets you one art piece. Can be anything, traditional or digital. CANNOT CONTAIN: Cuss words or mature content.

1000 ZC gets you a commemorative 2016 Zimmie Awards Art piece. It will contain the Zimmie Awards logo, some taglines, etc. It will also  include your ZT persona, and on the side a list of names from the ZA Planning committee. When ordering, please keep in mind the following: 1) Bookie will need a reference of your ZT persona. 2) Bookie will be drawing your persona in formal clothing, so she'll need a reference to the clothes/dress/suit you'll be wearing. 3) The clothing MUST BE CHILD APPROPRIATE because Bookie will be uploading your piece to the wikia.


  • Be a zimmer twins member (have an account).
  • If you type comments that have flaggable content, you will be excluded.

Zimmer Store Members (2016)Edit

The Members of the Zimmer Store include the following:

Skypee - 40,000 ZC

Every time the Store comes back, the members and ZC are reset

Coupons and DealsEdit

From time to time, Bookie will put up "codes" for deals.

New coupon: NWYR2016 Get half off your purchase now through January 31st!

Payment MethodsEdit

You can pay with:

  • Zimmer Cash
  • Mana (10 Zimmer cash= 1 mana)
  • Points (depends)

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