A clip from part 6 of the movie

Zimmer Twins The Movie is a large project by catboy on The Zimmer Twins. It will be made into a full-length movie and published on youtube, and possibly on this page

free download of Zimmer Twins The Movie 1.0


When suspicious things happen, the Zimmers get torn apart. They discover that aliens are behind the mysterious happenings and attempt to stop them

Songs used

Aquabats - Stuck In A Movie, Now, Stand Back For Your Own Safety, Hello, Goodnight

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Rapscallions - California Brain.

Skillet - Comatose (riff only)

Unknown - Carol of the bells

Bridgit Mendler - Hang In There Baby

Big Idea Producers - Credits Song

Original soundtracks by catboy on the guitar - Wagon Race, So This Is What It Feels Like.

Zimmer Twins The Movie 2.0

Zimmer Twins The Movie 2.0 is a major edit from 1.0. Differences include-

  • Voices will be added
  • Race Song will be re-recorded.
  • Credits will be revised.
  • So This is What I Feel Like (may) be completely re-written and re-recorded
  • Possible Sneak Preview of Zimmer Twins The Sequel.