The Zimmer Twins on Rollercoaster website as it is today.

"Zimmer Twins on Rollercoaster" is the Austrailian version of the Zimmer Twins TV show. It ran from 2006 to 2008. It aired on the kids program Rollercoaster on ABC (Austrailian Broadcasting Companies). There is a total of 6 (one of the rounds aren't capable of being seen on the Zimmer Twins Rocopicks website). There is a total 60+ cartoons (not counting the ones in Round 6). Most of it's history is unknown, but we do know that the Zimmer Twins crew partenered with the Rollercoaster crew to help make the show possible. Once, it was also called "the best show on TV!" Go to this link to see the website:

Zimmer Twins on Rollercoaster ABC

Round 1Edit

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    "13 Loves His Food" by Liss 

13 thinks his owners Edgar and Eva are annoying, but it doesn't take long for 13 to realize that he can't live without them.

  • "13's Tiger Training" by Travo

Edgar and Eva teach 13 to be a tiger, but 13 takes his lesson a bit too far to his adventage.

  • "Brain Button" by Willio 58

Edgar presses a button that swaps Eva and 13's brains, but Edgar doesn't know!

  • "Evil Cat" by Foxtails

A 'twisted' story about an evil cat and doing what he loves best... BEING EVIL! (Uh... well, maybe)...

  • "How To Be A Star" by koala - c

Follow Eva's Top 10 rules on how to become a star, and you'll be famous around the world (well, not really, but still, this cartoon is worth watching... if you're eager to watch it, that is)!

  • "It's Great To Be Right" by Kai Mess

Eva's terrible mood leads to underestimate Edgar's 'super cool' skills.

  • "Moodifirer" by Lulu77

13 invents a machine that activates different moods, and tests it on Edgar, but ends in an unexpected result.

  • "Remember" by kitty kat

Edgar can't remember what he has to do, but then he finally remembers what he has to do after having a strange adventure (which I'm not so sure exactly what he has to do, maybe deliver an important potion? Eh, I don't know).

  • "That Super Cat" by XOXX

13 is forced to reveal his most super duper secret to the twins: HE IS A SUPER HERO!

  • "The Science Club" by Nicole

Edgar, Eva and 13 try to learn some science, while you watch them try to do some science experiments, and also trying to act cool during the show. (That's interesting! ... well, actually... that depends).

Round 2Edit

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    "Be Nice To Cats Day" by aquaria152

Edgar and Eva realize that it's Be Nice To Cats Day, which means they have to do whatever 13 wants to do, but having their mind on 13 all day is not the brightest idea to them.

  • "Edgar The Cat" by Luke23444

13 thinks Edgar is a cat, and... well... Edgar denies it, but the proof comes to 13 closer than he thinks (or so he thinks). (P.S. Beware that there is a curse word in this cartoon that Edgar says to 13 that shouldn't even be in there, so if you wanna watch this, make sure that no one can hear the curse word, or watch it when your parents are not home).

  • "Cat Whisperer" by Xboxic

Edgar proves his job being "Cat Whisperer" very special and easy (or so he thinks), but it's all worth it in the end!

  • "No Fun" by Milly001

What do you do to make your boring town not-so-boring? MAKE THE WORLD'S FUNNIEST SHOW! Well, that's what Edgar, Eva and 13 do anyway.

  • "3 Wishes" by kitty kat

When Eva finds a bottle for her school project, she realizes that the bottle she got is no ordinary bottle.

  • "When TV Shows Collide" by LC_Action

What happens when Edgar wants to watch his show (the Rollercoaster program) and when Eva wants to watch her show? (Which I don't know what she's watching in the cartoon. Maybe a reality talk show or something, but I don't know for sure).

  • "In Space" by roxygirl

Edgar and Eva have a really weird dream that they are in space. Too bad they bad they realize they aren't dreaming afterwards.

  • "Don't Practice 13" by 13's Enemy

Edgar tries to help 13 with playing the guitar, but it isn't easy.

  • "How To Make A Cat Dance" by Funky Llama

The title says it all!... Well, it almost says it all... Because I'm not saying the plot or anything!... Well... uh...

  • "Life Of A Cat" by The Bright 1

Edgar narrates some information about the household cat, which is pretty obvious... (except that the cat can speak, which is also pretty obvious... okay, uh...)

  • "Agent Eva P I Mysteries" by Maso

Agent Eva tells the story of "The Case of the Dry Cleaned Bunny!", and if she tells this story, then she doesn't know the obvious life she lives... (which truly is... A MYSTERY! DUN DUN DAAAAAAA!)

  • "Teacher's Pet" by ginger

Edgar and Eva's old teacher is away (and in case you didn't notice, Edgar doesn't like his old teacher), so in the meantime, they get a new teacher. And guess who that new teacher is...

  • "The Missing Goldfish" by SarahSarah

Word has it that Eva's goldfish has started a new life beyond the regular old fish bowl! Where could that pesky little goldfish be? Hmm, I don't know, maybe INSIDE 13'S STOMACH!!! (Well, that's just my guess).

Round 3Edit

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    "A Life Of A Super Hero!" by hinita4

In this cartoon, 13 is a super hero. Or at least, he's dreaming that he is a hero. Because I don't think being a super hero will become his destiny any time soon.

  •  "Always Wear A Helmet" by rockfreak9

Well, I guess this cartoon will prove that you must always wear a helmet. (If your lucky to remember to use one that is).

  • "Backyard Science" by Missy 1

Edgar wants to ride his wagon super fast, but maybe they should go far beyond their backyard to do that.

  • "Edgar Reporting 13' by Felix

When you want to interview the first dancing cat in outer space, you'd gotta prepare for what you would be about to experience if you do so...

  • "Muscle Bundler" by Jailbird

TV's #1 nerve-wracking show is about to get exciting, intense, and even, a bit dishonest (which is at the end)...

  • "Police Files Unlocked" by 13's Enemy

Well, Edgar has to reveal the truth about police officers sometime, and maybe even, his true form as a host.

  • "Stop Copying" by lisdoggrox

Edgar won't stop copying Eva, and Eva won't stop getting boiling mad. So it's up to 13 to try and stop the madness...

  • "The cats Pet Show" by clojohappy

13 and Eva enter The Cat Show, but Edgar has his doubts that they will win...

  • "The Jungle Warriors" by aquaria152

On this mission, The Jungle Warriors (Edgar and Eva) attempt to capture the miniture panther (13), but little do they know that this mission will get much more tougher, and they'll even consider drastic measures, like, hmm, I don't know, QUITTING THEIR JOBS!!!... Wait, what?

  • "The Mystery Fish Theif" by rhirhi9

Edgar and Eva try to find out who has been stealing the fishermen's fish. And we all know who likes fish...

  • "Zimmer Rivalry" by Moji

Edgar and Eva are sick and tired of arguing with each other, so 13 comes up with an idea, that they should cross over to the battle arena to see who is the best... (Please note: On the Rocopicks website, only half of the cartoon can be seen, for unknown reasons... all I know is that is was probably accidential. Well, I'm just saying what I think)...

Round 4Edit

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    "13's Bath" by Neo360

When a horrible stench fills the house, Edgar and Eva search to find who is causing the terrible smell, which, unsurprisingly, is 13 causing the stench, but of course he doesn't want to. So it's a wild goose chase with Edgar and 13 to try to make 13 take a bath.

  • "13's Hairball Problem" by Lewises19

Gee, who ever thought that hairballing was such a harmful disease? Well, don't ask me, because I didn't know...

  • "Dream On And On" by PCL1997

A random movie that mixes in wisdom, daydreaming, and reality. (Honestly, I kinda don't what kind of plot this cartoon has anyway)...

  • "Fun With Kitty" by Loz

Edgar gets annoyed with 13's playful antics. (And I don't get that this cartoons plot is more weirder than the other one).

  • "Hide And Go Zimmerize" by Fumble

Eva fights her way to become the World Hide & Seek champion. But she has find 13 first.

  • "Never Train A Black Cat" by Sar98

Due to Edgar training him to be a tiger, 13 is causing chaos in the streets! So it's up to Edgar and Eva to tame the wild ferocius 13.

  • "No Refunds!" by pingpong4

The deal that 13 has in his store could cause a flame war. (Hey, that rhymed!)

  • "Sky Games" by Mitt99

Edgar and Eva enter the Sky Games, made for pyschic people made of helium. And boy, do they have a day at the Sky Games...

  • "The Pet Show" by Erin2021

13 is afraid of losing at the Pet Show, but 13 will surprise himself at the Pet Show!

  • "13 For Prime Minister" by Darokh

13 thinks he can go for Prime Minister just because... he's so cool. But when he does become Prime Minister, it's a totally different story.

  • "Cat Academy" by jamjammer

Well, Edgar does learn something at Cat Academy, it's just not what you'd expect...

  • "How 13 Became Supercat" by Master T

The 'super' story of how 13 became supercat! (Well, it's not really super, but, it's interesting)...

  • "Socks" by julia_yipe

Edgar (along with Eva and 13) go on an epic quest to find his... socks?

  • "The Eva Show" by lachy fair

Episode ???: 5 things NOT to do at home when Mom and Dad at not at home. And you won't believe what the 5th thing is!

  • "The Smart-a-rater" by urq001

Eva gives Edgar a gift that may result in Edgar never going to school again. But it soon turns out to be something far more worse than good.

Round 5Edit

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    "The Faking" by Carrot

Gee, is Edgar really sick on a school day? Better give some medicine to help him SNAP OUT OF IT!

  • "How To Annoy Your Brother" by fliffleco

Eva talks about 4 ways to annoy your brother. And someone won't be happy in the end.

  • "Bath Time" by jackf

13 takes a bath, he doesn't want to, he's forced to anyway. ... Edgar and Eva need him to smell better... Edgar goes skydiving, he doesn't want to, he's forced to anyway. ... This is revenge all planned out carefully... by 13... Who's a smart kitty?

  • "The Zimmer Olympics" by Jono

Boy, this must be the second biggest event behind The Modern Olympic Games! (Well, maybe)...

  • "The Fortune Teller" by Kimimajig

Edgar goes to see Madame Eva. Turns out this "Madame Eva" is a bad fortune teller. And turns out Edgar is a bad costumer.

  • "How 13 Learns to Speak" by Paradox

How did 13 learn to speak, anyway? Well, it was just regular normal ordinary day. (NOT).

  • "What Does 13 Want?" by QT Pie

Edgar and Eva go get ice cream on a very hot day. 13 wants ice cream too. If only he could learn how to COMMUNICATE with them!

  • "Possession Is Everything" by rid3rgirl

13 wants to control his "stupid' owners and make them do everything his way. So he creates this machine that control stupid owners minds... This proves that "Possession Is Everything"...

  • "Cooking With 13" by Rochelle12

Gee, who knew 13 had his own cooking show (and cookbooks)?

  • "The E13 Club" by kiddy74

Edgar, Eva and 13 form a crime-stopping club. Too bad there's no crime in town to stop.

  • "Fred" by caity

13 thinks his name is "stupid". So guess what 13 does!

  • "Mind Control 2000" by oliviagal2

Another infomercial on a machine that controls annoying people. Even Edgar!

Round 6Edit

Btn coming soon

This button has been this way for a long time.

Round 6 isn't available on the Rocopick website for unknown reasons. However, there is proof that a round 6 exsists. There are two cartoons, both made by Kae that can't be seen on the website. The premises can be seen on the Wayback Machine version of the  original Zimmer Twins ABC website. 
  • Interview with Edgar

This is obviously an interview with Edgar.

  • 13 lies by TV

13 says on the news that there'll be a cyclone that will hit town, but will there? I don't think so.

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