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May 9, 2015


June 7, 2015


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Zimmers on Tour is a series created by rad256 about Edgar, Eva and 13 going on tour with 9 ZT members (including himself) and their Tour Manager/Driver. The last episode aired a few days before Rad unexpectedly quit Zimmer Twins.


Pilot Saga (Episodes 1-7)Edit

The series starts out in May by showing how each character is spending their Saturday. Edgar, Eva and 13, who are bored, decide to do something special - go on tour. They find a Tour Manager (who is also their Driver) and decide to bring some ZT users with them. On Monday, they step into the tour bus that will accompany them on their journey for many months to come. The characters start integrating, with rivalries and friendships forming. Episode 7 is a filler that makes up for a mistake by the series creator (Edgar, Eva and 13 "don't exist" for a couple of episodes).

Toronto Saga (Episodes 8-10)Edit

The gang arrives at the stage in Toronto where the crowd asks them to perform "Edgar's Embarrassing Trip" by What ever. But they have some dilemmas - most of them don't remember the movie, and then they can't decide who will play which characters. After an unsuccessful performance, the manager decides to cancel all of their performances, but they will still visit all the cities for fun.

Road to Calgary Saga (Episodes 11-13)Edit

On the long road to Calgary, the boys have a music battle, each of them singing some of their favorite songs.


Just 13 episodes in, the series was cancelled after Rad suddenly quit ZT. The cities that the characters were supposed to go after Calgary were: Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, Washington, D.C., New York City and Montreal.

List of CharactersEdit

The ZimmersEdit


ZT UsersEdit

Blah (Blahbumian)
Bookie (BookgirlZT)
Catboy (catboy)
Ima (imastamper)
Mac (macheese6)
Mega (MegaGamer1)
Rad (rad256)
Rue (Rue)
Skypee (Skypee)


Tour Manager/Driver

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