Zimmersworld is a short lived and less popluar series made by D.T. 


Movie Type:





2013 (Formerly)







Origin Edit

The series was a parody of Eddsworld that was made before Zimmer Twins was aired on Teletoon

Plot Edit

The Zimmer Twins, Edgar, Eva and 13 go on zany adventures with D.T. (Daffytitanic) and they come across problems and they might find some urban legends, madness or just plain out zany adventures.

Demise and the Future Edit

Since Episode 3 came out, The popularity was low for the episode. D.T. Thought that the series isn't funny or it's not good anymore. Episode 1 had over 70 views. The series is on it's final legs. D.T. is planning to cancel it along with his cancelled series called Guitar Smashers. He was thinking of letting some one continue it or leave the series to be cancelled.

List of some things that no one watched that appeared or mentioned in ZimmersworldEdit

Season 1

Episode Films/TV Shows or D.T.'s stuff Mentioned/Appeared Info
Episode 1 Eddsworld An series that was started in 2004 by Edd Gould (1980s-2012)
Episode 2 N/A N/A
Episode 3 Eddsworld An series that was started in 2004 by Edd Gould (1980s-2012)
Episode 4 Black Cat An decreased villian made by D.T. in 2011 and might presumed dead after years pasted
Episode 5 The Room An film released in 2003 made by Tommy Wiseau that was only shown once before being removed from theaters. The film was discovered by the Nostalgia Critic
Episode 6 N/A N/A
Episode 7 TBA TBA
Episode 8 TBA TBA
Episode 9 TBA TBA


Zimmersworld has got some postive responses and It was almost cancelled due to lack of popluarity now has returned for more episode

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