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zradmin is the first account ever created on Judging by the "zr" in their name, zradmin was likely an employee of zinc Roe. It is unknown what role zradmin played in the making of The Zimmer Twins, and no evidence suggests who the owner of this account may be.

The account has 445 points, 4 movies, 1 Crowd Pleaser, and, as of 2017, still has unlimited VIP membership, as most other staff members have.

While zradmin is the first account created on the website, they didn't create the first ever movie. zradmin created their first movie sometime later as part of an apparent test. The rest of their movies also appear to be "tests" of some kind.


  • zradmin having 445 points is rather odd, because if you add up the points they got from their 4 movies and 1 Crowd Pleaser, they should have 60 points, not 445 (10+10+10+10+20=60). And seeing as how no evidence suggests they posted a single comment, it's unknown where the other 385 points came from.
    • And even then, if the other 385 points did come from zradmin posting comments, they would have had to have posted 77 comments, which seems unlikely for a likely very busy staff member. And no amount of Google searching has brought up any comments to support that.

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